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Owning a Mac means you store all of your family photos, research writings, work documents, and financial records on that. Which makes us think about what would happen if your Mac breaks down or your hard drive crashes? 

Data recovery

Losing meaningful data when your Mac has not been backed up is one of the worst feelings. Because you are not sure if the data lost will be recovered entirely or not. Smart Geeks gives you a guarantee to recover your data to the most extent. Our technicians are specialized in reclaiming the macOS files from damaged hard drives, accidental deletion, virus attacks, system crashes, and factory resets. 

Our Apple Mac professionals, combined with data extractor software and advanced recovery tools, make sure more than 95% of your data is recoverable. We explain all the recovery options to our clients before starting the assessment of lost data. 

Suggestions to prevent data loss

  • Turn off your Mac instead of shutting it down every time. 

  • Never restore the backup file on the same device. 

  • Do not use the hard drive if you notice strange sounds from your system. 

  • Protect your data by regular back up.

  • Do not let auto repair software reclaim your lost data.

  • Call us for useful advice about your data loss issues.  

Data Backup 

One of the reasons you lose data is because of no backup files available. Smart Geeks offers so many backup strategies for your Mac to eliminate the risk of data loss. We can help set up suitable backup tools for Mac; some of them are: 

  • Time Machine: Most Mac owners use this software for backup; the files are stored on external hardware. 

  • Cloud Storage: Cloud backup includes Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, iCloud and Dropbox, etc. For Macs, an iCloud backup is a famous option. 

  • Off-site Backup: The backup is done automatically using direct access. 

You can call our data recovery team and get free assistance over the phone.