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All the data saved on your device is intangible, which means it can vanish anytime because software and hardware tools can crash without warning. Sometimes your data is lost by accidental deletion or system resets. Either way, the loss of necessary information is stressful and makes you look for an immediate solution. That’s where Smart Geeks jumps in; we have the experience to deal with any kind of failure that leads to loss of your data. 

Successful data retrieval 

Qualified and professional technicians of Smart Geeks increase the chances of your data being recovered and backed up successfully. We guarantee to reclaim more than 95% of your data from broken PCs, damaged hard drives, system failures, and unexpected crashes. 

Data recovery process 

Smart Geeks team uses a three-step retrieval procedure for your data.

  • Assessment:  We start by assessing the cause of data failure for your system; it allows us to find suitable tools to recover the lost files. Usually, the problems that occur in hard drives destroy all of your files. 

  • Recovery: Using the extractor software and up-to-date retrieval tools, we provide you with a list of files that have been reclaimed. When you approve the files, further steps are taken for the full recovery. 

  • Uploading: After the complete recovery, we store the files on a portable hard drive or upload them to your choice cloud backup. 

Data backup 

To avoid further data loss from your PC, we offer backup services as well. Our technicians can advise you on which backup design to chose for your system. The most reliable is hard drive backup combined with appropriate backup software. Smart Geeks has the fairest and efficient services you can wish for. 

You can simply call us to book an appointment or contact our team to discuss the most acceptable backup option for your PC.