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Computer Repair in Melbourne & Services

Do you need to update the hardware or software on your laptop?

Need a quick and efficient laptop repair, service, or software?

Common laptop issues:

If your hard drive is corrupt or your laptop is overheating, our professionals can help you find a solution and cure the issue. A dead laptop motherboard is another frequent problem that requires computer repairs.


All the components are connected by the motherboard, which must be preserved in the best condition possible. Rarely, it could be challenging to locate a replacement motherboard in Melbourne, Victoria, but our geeks can ship one from abroad.

Our plan for maintaining laptops


Maintaining a clean system can help stop your laptop and its software from frequently crashing. Keep your laptop updated and well-maintained while ensuring that it is always virus-free. Having effective internet security is strongly advised. To save downtime, our Melbourne computer specialists can do routine laptop maintenance. Although your laptop will only need to be checked once or twice a year by our Melbourne computer specialists, it may be a good idea to let our technician know that you will need more frequent check-ups. Do not be concerned; we always take a data backup before beginning any laptop repairs.


So call Smart Geeks 2 you now for the greatest same-day service!

  1. Numerous other laptop issues



Dying hard drive: Issues like a broken hard disc can cause data loss and software corruption. Most of the time, our pc repair Melbourne will be able to salvage some of the lost data and files. Only by speaking with one of our computer technician melbourne will you be able to estimate how much data will likely be lost. Your laptop will typically need to be brought away for repairs, and extensive data recovery may be necessary. We have the tools and the supplier network. Contact a laptop repair professional!

2. Primary memory:

To function properly, the majority of programs need a certain amount of memory. Your laptop could need more RAM if it is unable to carry out specific tasks. Our computer repair specialist should be able to help you and effectively update your RAM as long as your motherboard can support it.

3.Broken laptop screen:

 Broken screens are rather common, however we are currently unable to provide screen laptop repair.


If you discover a piece of hardware that is broken, laptop maintenance and repair may also be required. This typically occurs if you unintentionally set your device to utilise more power than it needs. Your motherboard and other components may sustain long-term harm as a result of this. Even terrible are the more costly computer repairs. To see if we can recover data, we'll quickly scan the hard drive. The good news is that our professionals can solve any of these problems and provide a wide range of other repair services, and we are only a phone call away.

Major brands we work on and service:



Why us?


Finding a knowledgeable, professional, trustworthy, and experienced technician to service your laptop can be difficult in the current world. Contact us or our support staff by phone or email if you need any help or just a referral. When there is no phone available, it could be difficult to establish what maintenance or repairs the laptop might need. Because of this, calling and asking one of our experts to evaluate the problem is always a good idea. It's always a good idea to snap images of the damage with your phone before calling us for laptop repairs. You should take images of everything you can so that our expert can determine what has to be addressed.

Any day of the week, you can contact us by phone or email. Working in the field of computer engineering, we are seasoned laptop and pc doctor in Melbourne. Every day of the week, we provide same-day service, on-site computer repairs, PC repairs, and laptop repairs to the bulk of Melbourne's South-Eastern suburbs. Additionally, we provide PC support and maintenance to our aged care clients. Along with offering top-notch services, we also offer remote malware eradication and prioritise data security. Our small business advisors can also assist homeowners.

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