Melbourne hard drive data recovery

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Melbourne hard drive data recovery

Have you backed up your files?

Are the files you have backed up protected from malware and corruption?

Are you looking for expert guidance on how to backup your data securely?

Let's continue the backup discussion.

Computer gear can break down at any time, data can get tainted, and devices can go missing, be stolen, broken, or even destroyed.

Although you might be able to replace your computer's operating system and every piece of software, your files—including important documents and private information as well as valuable photos—could be permanently destroyed.

In some cases, files are accidentally erased, but don't give up hope—let our pc doctor in melbourne whizzes handle this for you right away. It may be possible to recover the deleted files.

Smart Geeks 2 you in-depth scans will help us determine where these files have gone as well as if and to what degree they might be recoverable. Unless there is a rare instance of severe data corruption, your hard disc is completely broken, or our software cannot access it, a 100% recovery is typically possible.

There are various methods you can use to backup your data:


Online Storage

These days, cloud storage services are frequently used by both enterprises and homeowners, and for good reason. For added security against hackers and ransomware, some cloud services even include end-to-end encryption for your data and documents. With merely an application installed on your device, PCs, laptops, and mobile devices (phones or even tablets!) may access your backed-up files from wherever you are. What a cool thing!

We can set it so that all of your files, documents, and images are automatically or simply at the push of a button backed up to a cloud storage provider.

Backups on NAS

A NAS (network attached storage) device operates as a form of data backup station. This is why it is called network assisted storage—it is located on your network. Depending on the NAS drive and the configuration of your computer, it can operate wirelessly or through a cable. Once it is properly configured, it can seem as another drive on your computer, such as C Drive or D Drive, etc.

There are also the conventional external drives.

Hard discs that are external and portable are connected to one computer at a time. Although some have wireless capability, they are mostly wired devices. Nowadays, many external and portable drives are USB 3.0 compatible, but in order to use this capability, your computer must also support USB 3.0.

geeks 2 you in Melbourne can make arrangements for an external drive backup of your computer if you require one. We can rest easy knowing that our data is always and promptly backed up thanks to our set-and-forget configuration.

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