Services for Computer Networks and Internet Security

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Services for Computer Networks and Internet Security

To learn more about our internet security services and to receive assistance in defending your computer and mobile device data against viruses, malware, and spyware, get in touch with our experts in home computer network security.

Internet safety for businesses and homes

Make sure your data is secure and regularly backed up because so much sensitive data is now kept on computers. By allowing us to strengthen the security of your home computer network, you can prevent identity thieves from accessing your financial records, images, personal emails, and other private data.


Your PC, laptop, or mobile device will be configured and secured to prevent viruses and unauthorised access. What are our plans?

Here are just a few of our more prominent internet security solutions.

Create a special home network name.

The most important factor in lowering security hazards to your personal data is home network security. A distinctive home network name is one of the most significant additions to your home network's computer security arsenal.


In order to distinguish your home computer network from other available networks in the neighbourhood, Geeks2U will set up a distinctive home network name of your choosing.

Put Wi-Fi encryption on.

Our computer technician in Melbourne always advise utilising a WPA2 security key, which is the greatest level of internet security encryption possible for your router, once we set up your unique network name.

Your personal information will be shielded from being accessed, tracked, and even attempted online theft by using this crucial internet security service! By preventing unauthorised access to your home computer network, having a WPA2 security key increases network security.

It's a Geek 2 You in Melbourne Guarantee

Smart Geek 2 You promises that you will get polite, prompt service when you phone us for assistance with your tech problems. Because we don't want to add to your troubles, we provide a no fix, no fee guarantee, which means you won't be charged anything if a Geek is unable to resolve your issue.


Only service charges and services that were done within the last 30 days are covered by our 100% money-back guarantee.

How Geeks2U may assist during setup


You're not the only one who has experienced frustration while attempting to configure or connect a new gadget. You shouldn't worry about anything. Your new technology will be configured and functionally tested by our Geeks.




Malware, spyware, and computer viruses all have a tendency to evolve. Secure network and device management is crucial for this reason. You'll be adequately safeguarded thanks to Geek computer repair.


Change the administrator's default login and password

All brand-new routers come pre-configured with a default administrator login and password, irrespective of the router's maker. As a result, they are rather insecure and open to hacking, which increases the danger of your personal information on your home network being compromised.



Contact us right now for assistance with the security of your home computer network or to learn more about one of our internet security services.


How can I tell whether my network is safe?

There are various internet businesses that can make your firewall or antivirus software think there is a threat. These can be a useful tool for you to check the security of your personal network.

However, some of these services can be extremely challenging to understand for non-geeks, especially when it comes to the technical language! thus call pc doctor Melbourne if you want advice and help from a professional regarding home network security. Your network can be made safe and secure with our assistance.

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