Services for General Upgrades and Hardware Installation

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Services for General Upgrades and Hardware Installation

Hardware installation, driver updates, and RAM upgrades are among the computer improvements offered by geek 2 you in melbourn .

To your door computer upgrading services

Unsure about how to instal a new piece of hardware in your computer after purchasing it? Experiencing performance issues with your PC and considering an upgrade?


In either case, we can definitely assist!

Pc doctor in Melbourne affordable upgrade service assists with the supply and installation of a wide range of components, including hard drives, RAM, SSD drives, optical drives, and graphics cards. We also provide advice on whether you need an upgrade.

Install necessary drivers

Sorry, wondering what a driver is? It’s just ‘geek speak’ for the software that will make your hardware and operating system talk to each other and work together. Any specific ones that are required for your new hardware to function properly will be downloaded and installed on your computer by us.


Update operating system requirements

Different pieces of hardware have different operating system requirements. This just means that they require a certain version of Windows (or other operating system) before they’re compatible with your computer. Geek computer repair’ll make sure your operating system is up to date.

Modenise the system requirements


Operating system requirements change depending on the type of hardware. This simply means that our computer technician Melbourne must be compatible with a specific version of Windows (or another operating system) in order to work on your computer. Your operating system will be updated by us. testing to ensure the best results

We'll check that your new hardware is operating correctly and at its best before wrapping up and departing by running a number of exhaustive tests.

Can RAM on a laptop be increased?

RAM is the name for your laptop's memory in non-geek terminology. You will have more storage space for documents, films, and other items if you have more RAM.


The majority of laptops allow you to upgrade your RAM, however you shouldn't attempt this yourself because doing it poorly could harm your data.


To find out if a RAM upgrade is possible for your laptop and to schedule a visit from Geeks2U to instal it, get in touch with us today.

Should I update my computer?

A new computer is frequently more expensive than upgrading your present model. Here are just a few things you might want to think about:


- Increasing your RAM (memory) capacity to make your computer run faster and freeze less.


- A new hard drive or SSD upgrade that adds extra memory. There is less downtime with newer devices because you can read and write data more quickly.


- Installing a graphics card will improve the visual quality of your games and the performance of your PC.


Call smart geek 2 you and we can help you determine the best solution based on your PC's symptoms if you're not sure if an upgrade would help.

Join a network with your PCs.

A wireless home network will be created using a router and one or more network cards, all of which can be provided by you or by us.

Create sharing points for your network

Instead of having copies of shared files, which is "geek speak" for something like a family Christmas letter that multiple people might want to work on, stored all over the place, we'll create one central location for sharing and show how everyone can access it quickly and easily from any device on the network.


Add additional networkable devices.

The fact that so many more devices can connect to your home network and be accessed by other devices on that network, or are "networkable,"

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