Technology tools to help you be more productive at home of Smart geek 2 you

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Technology tools to help you be more productive at home of Smart geek 2 you

Since most organisations became flexible and realised that productivity doesn't suffer when employees are permitted to work from home, it has been more than two years, we've all become accustomed to working and studying from home. That does not imply that everyone has the ideal setup for a home office, though.


We've put together a list of digital tools and gadgets to increase your efficiency whether working or studying from home. Here are our top 13 tech picks that make working from home more convenient than ever.

1. Smart speaker

Although they might not seem like the most apparent choice for the home office, smart speakers can significantly increase productivity and reduce stress. With the ability to play and pause music using only your voice, you can keep your documents open while listening to upbeat music to get you through the day. Similar to this, According to geek 2 you I melbourn you can instruct your speaker to pause during a call without pausing your music or turning it off.

2. A mobile hard drive.

A portable hard drive is the ideal answer by pc doctor in melbourn if the storage capacity on your laptop or PC is filling up quickly. In fact, they're an excellent investment to keep your computer running smoothly even if your device still has plenty of space.


Because vital papers are stored externally on portable hard drives, there is less risk that internet hackers will be able to access them. According to geek computer repair they make it possible to transfer data between two computers without the use of the cloud or emails, making them a wonderful option if you need to move sensitive data without further concern.

3. Wireless earbuds

Depending on your requirements, there are a few possibilities when it comes to the ideal pair.


For noisy environments (such as those with kids, roommates, neighbours, or traffic), over-ear noise-cancelling headphones are ideal since they allow you to focus on the task at hand. If you choose a pair with an integrated microphone, you can keep your meetings more private in addition to blocking out distracting noise.

4. A comfortable mouse

If you've been having wrist pain recently and are unsure of the cause, it's likely your computer mouse is to blame. Like a kitchen chair isn't made for 8 hours of sitting, the typical computer mouse isn't designed to be used for 8 hours a day.


There are many ergonomic computer mouse available, and even though they initially appear scary due to the additional scroll wheels and buttons, you'll quickly wonder how you ever managed without it. We advise either the Logitech MX Vertical Mouse or the Microsoft Ergonomic Mouse.

5. Table lamp

Give us a chance to explain because a lamp definitely doesn't sound like the most interesting thing on the list. Like most modern technology, the humble lamp is capable of much more. Modern lamps not only have varied brightness levels; they can also switch between warm and cool colours, allowing you to adjust the warmth of the light according to the time of day.


In order to minimise clutter in your workplace, some contemporary desk lamps also come with built-in wireless charging and USB charging outlets. Additionally, computer technician Melbourne says they are attractive and can be utilised to decorate your desk and home office.

6. Bluetooth charger

Wireless charging could be the answer you've been seeking for if you're weary of the clutter that wires and cords are causing on your desk.

With wireless chargers, you only need to set your device down on the charging pad for the battery to start charging. It's no longer necessary to locate and plug in cables, making it incredibly simple. Because it is so straightforward, you have a higher chance of maintaining a fully charged smartphone throughout the day because it may sit on the charging pad whenever it is not in use.

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