The Smart Geek Offer Services for Data Backup and Transfer

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The Smart Geek Offer Services for Data Backup and Transfer

Smart Geek 2 You data backup services give you all the data protection tools you need. This includes transferring data to new devices and setting up an automated backup. Don't chance losing crucial files.

Before it's too late, secure essential files.

Our geek computer repair visit customers who have lost data as a result of malfunctioning or failing hard drives every day. Don't expose your private information to the possibility of irrecoverable loss!


Geek 2 you in Melbourne can set up a continuous, automatic backup of all of your critical files, including those priceless family pictures. We offer data protection services that are not just for individuals. For small enterprises, we also provide data backup services to protect crucial financial documents and other paperwork.

Transfer information from a dated PC to a modern gadget

Computer technician Melbourne will start by setting up your new computer, laptop, phone, or tablet so that it performs as you anticipate and desire. This entails making sure there is adequate space on your new device and getting it ready to receive the incoming data.



Then, in order to ensure that you have all the files you require in the proper locations, we will transfer all the data that is significant to you from your old device to the new one. We won't just throw everything in a folder at random; if you'd like, we can assist you in setting up your system properly with an organised file structure.


Truthfully, nothing pleases our pc doctor Melbourne  more than tidy data!

Create an automated data backup system.


Both individuals using the data for personal purposes and business owners must have a backup strategy in place. We'll set up an automated backup of your data so you don't have to worry about it every day! It will be backed up in one of two ways, both of which your expert will offer and explain.



A portable device called an external hard drive, which is attached to your computer and stores your data, is your first option.

What distinguishes data backup from data recovery?

Making a backup copy of your data and storing it safely is the essence of data backup. As a result, in the event that something goes wrong, you can access your data from a backup source.


Data recovery is the process of trying to restore damaged or deleted data. If you've previously backed it up, this step will be lot simpler. Call Geeks2U right away to find out more about data backup and recovery.

Utilizing cloud backup solutions, which are saved online with specialised backup software, is the second alternative.


Why do you need a disaster recovery and data backup plan?

Planning for the worst-case scenario is crucial, especially when it comes to protecting your sensitive data. Damage can occur accidently or as a result of a virus; lost data isn't necessarily done on purpose. Having a backup strategy in place is essential so that you can access your crucial data even if damage is done. I'll talk to you about the greatest data backup strategy right now.

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