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Smart Geeks provides CCTV security cabling infrastructure and network solutions all across Melbourne, Australia. When it comes to the surveillance system setup, the design and installation of the right cabling network are crucial. The proper cabling structure and installation can last up to 20 years, which is why it is such a vital part of a security system. 

The experts at Smart Geeks have experience choosing and installing the right cabling for the CCTV cameras of any kind or brand. The effectiveness of a CCTV camera is directly impacted by how it has been setup. Our technicians carry out a thorough plan of action and careful inspection of your security network requirements to choose the right cabling infrastructure. That is the reason we take pride in the services offered to our valued clients. 

Why Smart Geeks? 

The CCTV cabling infrastructure services we offer are not just limited to your home or office but also include, governmental institutes, schools, malls, and commercial centres. With such a wide range of areas for our services, we have made pricing plans that suit your budget. Smart Geeks guarantees top-notch cabling services not only for your security systems but also for all other network equipment. 

Our services 

  • Planning and design of new cabling infrastructure for offices and homes.

  • Installation of cabling network on the site. 

  • Analysis of security needs and the recommendation of the best cabling structure. 

  • Upgrade and repair the existing CCTV cabling infrastructure.

  • Install additional data wiring for better security. 

  • Removal and relocation of cabling networks all over the site. 

  • Testing and reporting the performance of the newly installed cabling network. 

  • 24/7 tech support for the queries related to the CCTV cabling infrastructure. 

Call us now, and our team will be at your location, within no time to offer our services, anywhere in Melbourne.