Let’s set up your new Mac system

Experts at Smart Geeks will help you in setting and cleaning up your new Mac system anywhere in Melbourne.

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Congratulations on your new Mac or iMac, so happy for you! Bet you are excited to get started with your new Apple adventures. But wait, do you need help with setting things up? Don’t you worry, we have got the perfect Mac and iMac setup services for you at Smart Geeks.

Our professional tech guy will swing by your place and help you with the complete setup of your new Mac or iMac. The services include:

  •  Optimizing your Mac startup

  •  Installing your required pieces of software and applications

  •  Setting up user accounts

  •  Testing all the hardware

  •  Performing system upgrades

  •  Configuring printer, speakers, or other hardware items

  •  Syncing your iPhone and other Apple devices

  •  Transferring your data from an old computer

  •  Getting you familiar with your new operating system

You can keep our expert with you as long as you want and ask him all the questions about your new Mac or iMac. We’ll do everything to make sure you have the best experiences with your Apple computer. And it all starts with your new Mac/iMac and our setup services. 

Mac/iMac Clean-up Services

Is your Mac or iMac running suspiciously slow or taking more than usual to boot up? Is the web browser of your Mac or iMac behaving differently? Unwanted tools, strange homepage, or programs running wild? Do you think your Apple computer has caught “the virus”? You’re probably right. You have also never got your Mac or iMac serviced before, have you? Well, it’s about time that you do bring your Mac/iMac to Smart Geeks for a quick clean-up service.

We’ll do a thorough check up of your device and do the following things to make sure it’s safe to use.

  •  Virus, spyware, and malware removal

  •  Removing unwanted programs and tools

  •  Getting your web browser back in good shape

  •  Deleting all the temporary files 

  •  Updating your operating system

  •  Optimizing your hard drive and RAM storages

  •  Recovering your damaged data and files

  •  Physical cleaning of all the hardware

Have you lost the spark of owning a Mac or iMac due to unnecessary complexities? Let’s get your machine back up and running with the Mac/iMac clean-up services from the Smart Geeks.