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With all of our crucial information stored on digital devices, it's not easy changing them. There is a whole process of backup and transferring files before moving to the new device. If you are not a tech person or simply don't have enough time, the Smart Geeks team can help you transfer all of your data to the new device. Our knowledgeable technicians make sure to backup all of your files before the data transfer procedure. 

Smart Geeks team shifts files for all kinds of devices, from mobiles, tablets to Macs, and Windows PCs; we transfer it all. 

Data backup 

To move data across devices, the data must be available, and that is possible only if you have a backup of all the files. In mobile phones, usually, the backup is present on the original device. For Macs and PCs, however, backup files are often stored on cloud storage. Smart Geeks specialists can locate the backup folder for your device and devise a data transfer strategy accordingly. 

Data transfer 

Transferring data from an old device to a new one can be challenging, especially when new and old devices have different systems and platforms. For example, shifting files from iPhone to android and from Windows PC to Mac. With years of experience and trained technicians, data transfer is not difficult for the Smart Geeks team. 

You can trust our team with your private data entirely; we work on the highest principles of morality and professionalism. After moving data to your new device, we design a backup strategy that keeps your files safe. Enjoy your new computer and phone. 

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