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Certified and reliable fan repair and replacement services are offered at Smart Geeks.

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This happens to computer users all the time. Your windows device starts overheating or starts making noises. This is a problematic situation as this can result in device failure. Your windows device needs constant maintenance to avoid such situations. The electronic devices have a fan attached to them that act as a cooling device. The problem usually occurs when the fan starts dying off.

Smart Geeks experts have the solution to your problem. Bring your windows device to us for high quality repair service. We provide varied services to ensure your device doesn’t give up.

Fan Repair Services

Smart Geeks provide on-site fan repair services for your windows PC. You can contact us if the fan of your laptop or computer is

  • making unfamiliar noises

  • shutting down on its own 

  • not working properly

Tech and IT support technicians at Smart Geeks have the right solution for each of the above problems. Our services will cool off your device and repair the fan to stop the noises. Your PC will work as smoothly as a new device.

Fan Replacement services

Sometimes, the fan of the PC just dies off. The repairing of the fan might not be the cost-effective method in that case. We recommend replacing the fan to improve the performance of your windows device. You can get expert services for your windows PC fan replacement at your doorstep in no time. 

Why do you need Smart Geeks?

Most of the time, the regular users simply avoid the noises their system is making. We understand that going out and looking for an expert who can fix this issue can be time consuming. You don’t want to affect the consistency of your work. We won’t guide you with the quote “Better late than never” because with us, you’re never late. 

Instead of finding the time out to get your PC fixed, you can just call our support center and fix an appointment with us. Our expert technician will be at your door at the fixed time and will repair your device on the spot. Our repair services will give you the best results: 

  • No more noisy devices

  • No unnecessary overheating 

  • Smooth working of the system

  • Long life span of hardware

You will not only get the fan repair or replacement services but our experts will also share a tip or two for any future issues that might occur.

Contact us today to get a free quote.