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As computers are becoming faster, smarter, and lighter in their hardware, software continues to become more and more complex. You might get the lightest weighing Mac or iMac in the market, but you are still going to need a bunch of heavy software to make the most out of your machine. But you don’t have to worry because that’s what tech support representatives at Smart Geeks are here for. 

You can trust the services of Smart Geeks for making sure that your Mac or iMac has all the right software installed. From the basic macOS to installing the latest software programs and applications, we have got you all covered. Our software setup services are performed in an expert manner to suit your personal and business needs. 

Finding the compatible software version for your Mac/iMac

Every software comes in a series of different versions that are compatible with different operating systems. We’ll find the best version of your required software program or app for your Mac/iMac, so you can work it like a pro.

Installing and optimizing the software 

Once the software is through the compatibility phase, we’ll download, install, and configure all its settings on your Mac/iMac. We’ll optimize its performance and make it super easy to use.

Licensing and performing the necessary updates 

For most software, getting an authentic license is the most torturing part, but not for us. We will get your software licensed plus registered and run all the necessary updates, so you can use it without the fear of being outdated or illegal.

Creating icons for quick access

Last but not the least, we will create icons for your favourite software, on the desktop, in the menu, and wherever you like. Just go to the nearest option, click the icon, and start doing what you want to do with your Mac/iMac. 

While we are at the software set-up service for your Mac or iMac, you can also get rid of any unwanted software if you want. We can simply erase all the unnecessary programs and applications and get you the ones you really need. Doing this extra step will improve your device’s speed and overall performance.

Get in touch now and get your Mac device up and running.