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Smart Geeks is a leading iPad repair service centre in Melbourne, Australia. Whatever might be the nature of the damage, our qualified technicians can handle every issue faced by iPad users. Smart Geeks could be your first choice when in need of productive and affordable services for your iPad. We use cutting edge technology to deliver respective solutions for your iPad damages. We specialize in:

Data Backup and Recovery

Did you know data that you stored in your iPad never gets destroyed? Yes, this is true. So you might think that you lost all your data due to device malfunction or maybe deleted it permanently but you can still recover it. 

How? Smart Geeks provides iPad data recovery and repair services that explores the knits and grits of the iPad until every single kb of data is recovered. 

Scared you might lose all your data? Smart Geeks provides data backup services that help you in case you lose it from your iPad. Smart Geeks data backup services are developed so that you recover your own data from any other device. 

Our backup and recovery tools are reliable and 100% secure. We guarantee the security of your data with a full recovery.

Data Transfer

Most of the iPad users face problems while transferring data. Experts at Smart Geeks know their way around iPads and can smoothly transfer data from your devices to others. Be it your computer or your other iPad, we know just how to securely work on it to make the data reach its 


Apple ID setup

iOS of Apple devices is a little different and complex than those of other operating systems. A non apple user finds it hard to set up his device using Apple ID. Smart Geeks provides its services in this area. We set up your Apple ID to ensure smooth working of your device. Our experienced technicians are always ready to help set your new device up. We also help in setting up your old Apple ID on your new device so you could handle all your old data with new features.

Software and Hardware Repairing Services

Ranging from repairing your iPad screens to your software issues, Smart Geeks has got you covered. We provide exceptional services for your iPad repairment at nominal rates. We work with high quality tools while working with the hardware of your iPad. We also aim for zero damage when repairing your device internally. 

Our technicians are available to sort your iOS repairing issues too. Just visit us or call our representative at the ease of your own location.

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