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Your new computer might come with a Windows OS installed but sometimes that does not match your needs. Smart Geeks is a Computer repair company in Melbourne Australia that provides all kinds of services for your computer windows / OS support and setup. Our technicians have been working with different Windows systems and have in-depth knowledge of regular Windows updates. We can set up your computer with the required version of Windows as per your needs. Contact us and get instant services on your door or simply bring your laptop to our service center and get it ready to use.

When it comes to OS, Smart Geeks provide services in the following areas: 

Windows installation / Operating system setup

Installing a new OS setup is a complicated task. A lot of things are kept in mind when carrying out the installation. Smart Geeks can help you in this complicated task. Our technicians are trained to carry out this task in detail so you can utilize the full potential of your device. Backing up data, memory upgrade, remote access support, account and password support, email, phone, and chat support, Smart Geeks provides its services in all areas. The experts know all the attributes and instructions that are required in the installation. We can provide you with a completely safe and secure installation experience. 

Slow Computer Windows / Fix Operating system 

Team Smart Geeks is competent and deals with all kinds of issues and queries that occur when using Windows in your system. We can help you carry out different changes and updates in your operating system. Our expert technicians find the requirements of your system and choose a compatible update. System data is backed up to secure everything that is already in use. An update is carried out in a secure way. Our experts also provide you with complete information of all changes that occur during the update to keep you in the loop at every step.

Computer Windows Troubleshooting / Repair

A Windows OS experiences various troubles in its lifespan. This includes viruses, Windows malfunctions, program crashes and many other inconsistencies that can interrupt your work. Smart Geeks technicians can help you diagnose and fix the problems that you and your team may face . We can fix your browser hijacking issues, provide solutions for system malware, remove any spyware, perform upgrades to avoid any future attacks and many other services to make sure your device runs safely and securely.

Smart Geeks is 24x7 available for all your queries regarding your Windows operating system. We provide affordable services at our center as well as your own location. 

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