Expert mobile data recovery and backup services in Melbourne.

Your lost mobile data can be recovered in a number of ways by Smart Geeks.

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For most people, mobile phones are the devices they use commonly to link with the rest of the world. Mobile phone shutting down or damaged is one of the worst fears for all mobile users because everything gets lost, if not backed up regularly. But we don’t want you to worry. The Smart Geeks team will come to your rescue; we are just one call away. 

Smart Geeks IT experts can recover your data even from severely damaged mobile phones with success. Our certified team has experience in retrieving data from all iPhones, androids, google and window phones. 

Data retrieval for mobile phones


As soon as you bring your phone to Smart Geeks centre, our IT geeks run a thorough diagnosis on your device to identify the cause of data loss and make an estimate for recoverable data. They will give you the exact time needed for your mobile phone data recovery process.


The data retrieval process is carried out by our professional technicians using smart extraction software and tools. We recover data lost due to any reason, such as: 

  • Faulty hardware

  • Broken mobiles 

  • Jailbreak attempts gone wrong 

  • Accidental deletion of files


Once we reclaim all the lost files and information, our team will reach out to you to deliver your data. You can choose where you want your data to be stored; Smart Geeks technicians can advise you as well. In most cases, data is uploaded to a separate device or a cloud backup from where you can access it. 


Mobile phones have their own backup systems; apart from that, Smart Geeks can help you shift your mobile backup to a new location. It’s always better to have a backup saved on cloud storage if your phone breaks down unexpectedly. 

For any queries about mobile data recovery and backup, call the Smart Geeks team, and we will be happy to assist you and offer you our services.