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Getting a new computer is always exciting, but then it’s also a little bit daunting because it requires a huge setup task. We make it easy for you!

Smart Geeks will come to your rescue! We will install the latest equipment, upgrade existing hardware, update software, and connect all the peripheral devices. Besides, when your personal computer is ready and working, professionals at Smart Geeks will provide you with a full introduction to your new PC's peculiarities. 

Here are some of the most frequently demanded services when setting up a new computer or PC.

Reliable Data Transfer

It is the most common subject for people after purchasing a new computer or PC, and luckily, we have performed this service countless times for our valuable customers.

The professional laptop repairing experts at Smart Geeks will remove the cleaned data from your old computer to your newly bought computer and place it in the same location/folder (whenever possible).

Our top priority is to provide you with outclass data security. The trained staff at Smart Geeks scan and clean your data using reliable software and expert techniques. It significantly decreases the chances of copying a virus or malware to your new PC. However, it is preferred to backup your important files and folders in the hard drive to avoid any accidents.

Installing New Software Programs

Installing the necessary software programs can be a daunting task while setting up a new computer. We’ll help with installing your demanded software and configuring it to suit your needs.

Some of the most frequent software requests are: 

  1. Installation of office suites, like Office 365, Audio and Video Players, etc. 

  2. Configuration of hardware devices like printers etc.

  3. Installation configuration of Internet browsers, like Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, Chrome, etc.

  4. Installation of accounting software, like QuickBooks.

  5. Installation of Antivirus Software.

If you need assistance with choosing software, our skilled technicians can guide you through the process and help you choose, acquire, install, and configure the more popular software products on the market.

Get What You Paid For

You just bought a brand-new computer—don’t let the bugs, non-optimized settings, or ads slow you down. The specialized computer technicians at Smart Geeks will optimize your new computer system to achieve the best performance.

 Smart Geeks provides its services all over Melbourne. Our customer assistance is available 24/7 to attend you. You can call our technician at your doorstep or visit us to avail any of our services at the most affordable services in town.

Don’t know your way around Microsoft Office? Please fill out the contact form and get a quote from us.