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It’s not every day that you get a new Mac or iMac, but when you do, you most certainly need someone to install the setup in your Mac. While some people can perform the setup procedure themselves, many look for others to do the job for them. If you ever need support, Smart Geeks is the right pace for you. 

Our specialized Apple technicians have been working with all Apple devices, with their immense knowledge of the installation procedures. Bring your Mac to us or contact us to get our services at your doorstep, anywhere in Melbourne, Australia.

Restoring Data

Setting up a new Mac is a lot of work, and it can be tiring because Mac or iMac computers ask a lot of things before actually beginning the installation process. One such thing is, restoring from a previous Apple computer or starting afresh. Either way, you can save time by hiring professionals and IT technicians at Smart Geeks, who can do the job correctly. 

Installation and updates 

After the restoration process is complete, the setup installation process and updates are to be made. Technicians at Smart Geeks have experience in setting up all kinds of computers and other devices. They know all about the installation procedures and the updates for each different Apple device. 

Our experts make sure that the correct version of the software is installed on your Mac. With Smart Geeks, the privacy and security of your Mac are well protected. Any issues related to the overall setup process are dealt with by our professionals. 

Great Customer Service

You can hire Smart Geeks for your new Mac or any other device 24/7; we offer exceptional services at affordable prices. The satisfaction and the privacy of our customers is the most valuable thing for us. So, stop worrying about setting up your new Mac or iMac and call our tech experts. Your computer will be back to you, all set for work, in no time.