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Having a secure and fast network connection is a must for all businesses to increase the productivity of the work and to minimize the loss of time. Even in homes, you need a Wifi connection for several purposes. Smart Geeks offers wifi router setup services and network installation solutions suitable for both home and office users. Our friendly technicians can check your old router and suggest any changes if needed, along with setting up a new wifi router. 

When it comes to networking and connections, technicians at Smart Geeks know everything from years of experience. We understand your network requirements before installing the wireless connection. Whether you require a brand new router installed at your place or modify the previous one, Smart Geeks is the right choice for you. 

Benefits of installing a wifi router at your work or home

A wifi router is a device that sends signals from your internet connection to the devices connected with the router, such as phones, laptops, and printers, etc. Numerous benefits come with the setup of a wifi router, such as:

  •  Wireless connectivity: most of the routers are wireless, which means you can access the internet when you come within the specific range of that router. 

  • Secure internet: devices outside of your router`s coverage cannot connect to your network; neither can they initiate a connection without your permission. 

  • Web filters: most routers have built-in web filter options that act as parental controls when children have access to the internet. 

Smart Geeks makes sure the network setup is top-notch regardless of your router’s location and type. We are trained in installing all kinds of wifi routers with a guarantee and complete customer satisfaction. 

For excellent network installation services anywhere in Melbourne, call Smart Geeks to discuss and book budget-friendly services.