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Wifi has become such a familiar yet essential component of our lives that we do not notice it anymore unless an internet issue occurs. We are so accustomed to using the wifi for work, streaming music, and watching our favourite shows that we cannot spend a day without using it. That is the reason a slow or problematic internet connection interferes with our daily tasks and causes frustration. While some of the network problems are caused by something big, most of them are due to the wifi router. 

If you are looking for a local tech service in Melbourne for router troubleshooting at reasonable charges, you better call Smart Geeks and book an appointment. Our tech geeks are available 24/7 for providing excellent wifi router repair and troubleshooting services for homes and offices. 

Common Wifi problems Smart Geeks can troubleshoot   

Smart Geeks has been helping clients overcome various network issues for a long time, with our trained and certified technicians. Everyday wifi router problems that we fix include: 

  • Limited or no wifi connection outdoors.

  • Computer and other devices unable to connect to the wifi connection. 

  • Poor wifi streaming for movies and games. 

  • Weak or no signal strength in some regions of your home or workplace, such as rooftops. 

  • Printers, computers, and MACs dropping out randomly. 

  • Slow internet speed on all of the devices connected to the wifi router. 

  • Mobile devices are not connecting to the wifi router. 

If you face any of these problems or other problems that are not listed here, simply contact Smart Geeks, and we will be at your premises to troubleshoot every issue with your router. Our friendly staff will be happy to guide you regarding the problems you are encountering so that you get the best solutions. 

Choose Smart Geeks because we value your needs and provide the most reliable services in Melbourne. To find out more about our services, give us a call us and get real IT support today.