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In this busy era, we hardly spend a day without using technological devices, especially our phones and computers. With continuous usage of computers, you can detect the presence of viruses on your system by looking at small things like slow performance, strange pop-up windows, and the unknown icons on your desktop. Viruses and malware cause so many problems on a computer. This is devastating for its overall performance and efficiency.

The Smart Geeks team is overly experienced and qualified to remove viruses, malware, pop-ups, and spyware of all kinds. Technicians at Smart Geeks use specialized and secure tools for the removal of malicious viruses. 

Signs that your system has viruses 

  • The emergence of new and unknown icons on your desktop.

  • CPU using excess memory and computer memory is running low. 

  • Continuous pop-ups that appear on the screen one after another. 

  • Random windows open on your screen, asking for payments and irrelevant stuff.

  • Software programs take longer than usual to open. 

  • Unplanned restarts and shutdowns

Virus removal process by Smart Geeks

Eradicate the virus

Our experts will not rest until all of the viruses have been entirely removed from your device, using the complex software tools designed for this task.  

Repair the system 

After the viruses are gone, we repair your computer to bring back its original performance and work. Without the repair, your system will slow down, and you wouldn’t see much of a difference with or without the infection. 

System updates and testing 

Infected computers have problems installing new software updates, which our experts fix and perform different testing strategies to see your computer perfectly works after that. 

Setup antivirus 

Our technicians install useful antivirus software on your system that adds extra protection to lower the risk of more viruses. 

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