Are you looking for professional advice on how to securely backup your data?

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Are you looking for professional advice on how to securely backup your data?

Let's talk about backups some more.

Devices can go missing, be stolen, broken, or even destroyed, and computer hardware can malfunction at any time. Data can also become contaminated.

The operating system and all the software on your computer could be replaceable, but your files, including crucial records, sensitive data, and priceless pictures, could be lost forever.

Sometimes files are unintentionally deleted, but don't lose hope—let our Melbourne computer experts solve this for you right away. The erased files might be recoverable.

We'll be able to locate these files and assess whether and how much they might be recoverable thanks to Smart Geeks 2 you in-depth scans. A 100% recovery is normally feasible unless there is a rare case of serious data corruption, your hard disc is totally damaged, or our software is unable to access it.

You can back up your data using a variety of techniques, including:


Online Speicher

Today, both businesses and homeowners often use cloud storage services, and for good reason. Some cloud services even feature end-to-end encryption for your data and documents for increased protection against hackers and ransomware. Your backed-up data can be accessed by PCs, laptops, and mobile devices (including phones and tablets!) with just an application installed on your device.

All of your files, documents, and photographs may be backed up to a cloud storage provider automatically or just by pressing a button.


NAS backups

As a type of data backup station, a NAS (network attached storage) device functions. It is situated on your network, which is why it is referred to as network assisted storage. The NAS drive may function wirelessly or through a connection, depending on the settings of your computer and the NAS drive. It can seem as another disc on your computer, such as C Drive or D Drive, etc., if it has been correctly configured.

If you need a backup of your computer on an external disc, geeks 2 you in Melbourne may arrange for one. Thanks to our set-and-forget configuration, we can relax knowing that our data is always and rapidly backed up.

1. How we get data about you

We may compile personal data about you when you interact with geek computer repair in person or online, when you visit our website or when we offer you our services.

2. Making use of your personal information

Your personal information might be used by computer specialists to send you information, updates, and offers for our services. Geek computer repair You might also learn about various possibilities, services, and goods from that have been updated and upgraded. We may use the information you provide about yourself to improve our services and better understand your needs. There are many ways that computer experts can contact you, including but not limited to phone, email, and SMS.


3. Your personal information being disclosed

Unless you give us permission to do so or unless we are forced to by law, we will not disclose your personal information to any other person or organisation.

4. Protection of your private data

To protect the privacy of the information you provide to us, computer technician Melbourne has put in place the essential physical, technological, and administrative safeguards. The misuse, alteration, loss, and unauthorised access, modification, and disclosure of this information are all prohibited actions.

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