Who are Smart Geeks 2 U?

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We are Melbourne's top computer repair company, and our 50+ highly skilled experts around the country offer technical help to businesses. We offer a level of service unequaled by any of our rivals in Computer Repair in Melbourne, and Smart Geeks 2 you Promise and Guarantee is behind every project we complete. Smart Geeks is a multinational technology firm with a focus on smart logistics. It holds the No. 1 market share in the markets and is driving the revolution in smart logistics worldwide.

Pay attention to the operations of our customers

We pay attention to the operations of our customers rather than just one project.

To assist customers to become more competitive and accomplishing their business goals, we design and enhance our solutions. We also provide assistance to IT departments that may not be based in Melbourne but still require on-site support. In addition to maintaining and setting up networks, we may also concentrate on security. We are the computer technician in Melbourne.

We provide families and businesses with

quick, same-day computer repairs and assistance. Almost any problem with; 

Can be resolved by our highly skilled professionals.

We will discuss all of your alternatives with you in order to offer you the best and most affordable solutions. We are enthusiastic about information technology and are always learning to stay current with new developments.

If you are new to computing and facing first setting up a network.

We are professionals at configuring, improving, and fixing problems with wired and wireless networks, and we can resolve problems with broadband networks and ADSL connections. We will assist you in configuring all of your gadgets, including smart TVs, smartphones, and tablets, as well as setting up and sharing your files with your network. Any network device, including printers and scanners, can be configured. Additionally, we guarantee the safety of your wireless network to stop unauthorized access.

It can be challenging to set up a network for the first time if you are new to computing. Have no fear. We will come to your location and make a network (wired or wireless) recommendation that is optimal for your area. And after that we will assist you in configuring all of your devices, setting up your network, and sharing your data, as well as recommending and locating the many technologies needed to get you up and running. Even technologies that rely on your current infrastructure (such as phone lines and electrical lines) can be used to easily share your network over long distances. At The PC Repair Centre, we take pride in using a wide range of technology to identify the best solutions for our consumers.


The geeks 2 you in Melbourne Is a company of It experts that resolves all issues if your home office PCs laptops and notebooks are giving you problems or external hard drive problems fix external hard drive Melbourne. With the help of PC Repair Centre's home services, we can get your computer operating normally once more. In this domain, we provide top-down IT-level help. We'll develop an IT strategy and tweak it as needed as your business grows or experiences a change. We provide strategic planning as well as continuous network and computer monitoring. Visit our Helpdesk website to find out more. This also includes antivirus software and monitoring software for all of your systems. We will fix a problem before you ever notice. To fit your busy schedule, on-site experts can make an appointment to visit your house during the week, after hours, or on the weekends

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