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Software Installation/Configuration

Computers are very devices. They are being utilized in almost every aspect of our society. Modern computers are capable of performing some amazing tasks. Today, almost anything we do is connected to computers and software. These modern devices are widely used for Digital photo editing, computer games, video streaming, and much more. All this is done with different types of software. Software is a combination of data, codes, and instructions that perform both operations and tasks. This way, the software enables a computer to perform all these amazing tasks. Today, a person can do graphic editing, video editing, play games, browse webpages, stream audio and video files, send emails, forecast weather, calculate taxes, make spreadsheets, read books, and many other exciting things that make these modern machines fun and productive. Developers are constantly developing new programs and software to do more and more things on these computers. 

Here, we’ll guide you through the software installation/configuration process and talk about some common problems that you may face during the installation process.

What is a Software?

Software is a code or instructions for the computer that enable the computer to perform different types of tasks. For example, you can download and install software that'll help you send emails, or you could also install software that'll help you do image editing. Like this, some software will help you perform mathematical calculations or help you make your college assignments. Using imagination and coding skills, a person can make any software and make it do anything as long as its hardware supports it. Software act as a middleman between the user and the computer's hardware. You can visit Microsoft's store and find thousands of software and useful apps. Every day, companies are building more powerful computer processors and hardware. With that, developers are also creating more powerful and sophisticated software capable of performing immense tasks. As of April 26, 2021, Microsoft’s store had more than 800,000 software, and these programs are continuously increasing. It is not just for computers, but for all smart devices. Even modern smartphones and tablets also use the software every day. You can go to Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store and download any software you like.

Why do we need software?

Software is a part of our everyday life. We use a huge list of software for our productivity and entertainment daily. The software helps us to operate these computers. The software carries out information and commands to the computer, which then uses this information to perform different types of tasks. Without software, computer hardware is not useful enough. A computer has these major components:

The working of a computer can be explained as a system of multiple. At its core is the computer's hardware. The lowest layer is BIOS. BIOS means Basic Input and Output System. Very little information is written directly into the computer's processor. This simple information is also called firmware. It performs very few basic tasks, such as starting a computer in the first place. This 'BIOS' is capable of operating another software which is called Operating System (OS). An operating system is very sophisticated and extensive software that can perform many tasks compared to BIOS. Android, Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and ChromeOS are different operating systems. They all have different versions of themselves. Companies are upgrading them every time and making them more efficient and useful. These operating systems can run software like Adobe Photoshop, MS Office, VLC Player, etc. You can install any software on them, and this software will help you perform any task on your computer.

Software is a part of our everyday life. Today, almost every aspect of our society is connected to software and computers. The software helps us perform all kinds of different tasks on a computer. Here is a simple chart to visualize how software is necessary.

What is Installation/Configuration?

A computer program's installation (or configuration) prepares the program for operation. The installation refers to certain configurations that make the software available to the computer. Installation requires software or a digital copy of the software (programs). There are many software installations processes. Because this process differs from program to program and from computer to computer, programs (including the operating system) are often shipped with an installer, a specialized program that does everything necessary to install.

Installation usually involves copying and generating code (programs) from the installation file to a new file on the local computer, creating the necessary directory, registering environment variables, and providing another uninstall program for easy access by the operating system.

Software and application installation procedures depend on the device (PC, tablet, or smartphone), operating system (Windows, macOS), and the program you are installing. As a result of these multiple combinations, the following procedure was developed as a general guideline.

General Instructions for Software Installation:

Installing Software from a CD-ROM:

From the 1990s to the late 2000s, it was common to purchase CD-ROMs to obtain new software. When you insert a CD-ROM, your computer automatically tells you how to install it by showing prompts. It is an old method for installing software and has some downsides. And also, the breakthrough of the internet has made it easy to install software from the web. So, almost all software is migrating away from this old method. As a result, many new computers no longer have CD-ROMs. However, if you need to install software from CD-ROM, insert the disc into your computer and follow the instructions.

Many programs (for example, the Microsoft Office suite), games, and utilities have an AutoPlay feature. This feature automatically launches the Software Setup screen when a CD or DVD is inserted. If the program has this feature, follow the instructions that appear after you insert the disc into your computer.

If AutoPlay is not working on your computer or is not in the software unit, follow these steps:

Many new computers don’t have a disc drive. If your computer doesn't have a disc drive, then you can't install software from the CD-ROMs. But, don't worry, there are other software installation methods. Almost all the softwares can be downloaded from the web and installed. You can also copy those software files to a USB and install them on your computer.

How to install software from the web:

Today, the most convenient and common way to get new software is to download it from the internet. After purchase, you can immediately download and install applications such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop. Also, the free software can be installed this way. For example, if you want to install a Google Chrome web browser, you can find it on the internet and install it easily.

The installation files are stored on your computer in .exe format. It is the standard Windows Computer Installation file extension. You can install the application from the .exe file using the following procedure:

Installing Software via USB:

Many new computers don't have a disc drive and don't support CDs. And if you also don't have internet access for software installation, you can use a USB stick to install the software. USB is used as a memory stick for storing data. If you want to use USB to install the software, follow these steps:

How to install software from a compressed file?

If you are downloading software from the web, in some cases, you may find that the file is not a .exe file. But, it is a .zip file. This type of file is called a compressed file. It combines and compresses multiple files into one single file. It provides ease for downloading and sharing files online. If you have downloaded this type of file, follow these steps to complete the installation process:

What to do if the installation fails?

While installing software on your computer, you may sometimes face some errors and cannot install the software. It isn't very pleasant when the installation process stops on its own. Or even if the process completes, the software is still not installed. If you are facing this type of problem, try these actions to fix the problem:

Low storage on the drive can cause the installation process to fail. This may not be a problem for small software. But, if you install big and powerful tools such as Adobe software or Microsoft Office, your installation can fail. These types of software require a lot of space for installation. Before installing this software, ensure you have enough free storage on your drive.

Many programs have both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. 64-bit software is only compatible with 64-bit versions of Windows. However, since 64-bit Windows is backward compatible, 32-bit applications will run on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.

Mostly, the program will automatically select the correct version and install it on your system, or it will install on a 32-bit version if this is the only option. This is not a problem since your newer computer will likely be 64-bit. But if you don't know, you should check to see if you have 64-bit Windows.

Once you have the version of Windows, go to the software download page and download the version for your system. Note that downloading 64-bit software to a 32-bit system will not work.

You can try the troubleshooter if you cannot install the software on your computer for unknown reasons. Windows 10 and 11 both have a Troubleshooter program included. This troubleshooter can repair some of the problems and can also fix the corrupted and broken registry keys. They can solve only some problems, but not all. But they are worth giving a shot. 


This troubleshooter application is capable of fixing the following problems:

  1. Prevention of uninstalling or updating process of existing programs
  2. Unable to Uninstall a program via the control panel
  3. Blocked from installing new programs on your computer
  4. Corrupt or broken registry keys
  5. Corrupt or broken registry keys that monitor data updating

In Windows, User Account Control (UAC) ensures that the account only uses administrator privileges when necessary. Since most programs require administrator privileges to install, a UAC request usually appears when you try to install a new application.

You may not need administrator privileges if you only want to install the application for your current account. However, you must have administrator permission to install software that applies to all users. If UAC is disabled, you will not be prompted to grant administrator privileges.

Sometimes, the UAC approval prompt may not work correctly. You may receive an error that the installer cannot write to a specific folder or that it does not start at all. In this case, you must run the installer manually as an administrator.

If the installation dialog box is open, close it, right-click on the installation file and select Run as administrator. After granting administrator privileges, run the installation program again to install the software successfully.

If you are not the computer administrator, contact the person who administers the computer and ask them for administrator privilege.

This is a normal troubleshooting step, but it is important for several reasons. The reason the program is not installed on your computer may be due to a temporary error. You must restart your device to a clean state before moving on to more intensive patching.

If you cannot install the software after the reboot, continue troubleshooting in the following steps.

Sometimes, anti-malware and antivirus programs can interrupt software installation on Windows. This can be useful or bothersome, depending on the situation.

In some cases, you may try to install a program that is malware. If the antivirus detects this, it may block the installation of the application. However, you may not see this warning if antivirus notifications are disabled. Open the security package to view recent alerts and see if this happened.

If you think the program, you are installing contains malware, you should check it with an online virus scanner. Of course, do not install infected programs. If you trusted the tool previously, you might have downloaded the application from a suspicious website.

However, antivirus software can become excessive. When the original program from an official source is installed, it may prevent access to the desired folder. In this case, the antivirus must be temporarily disabled to complete the installation. Most security applications can temporarily stop protection for a few minutes, so you can install them if you wish. However, before doing so, make sure that the software is reliable.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How to install application/software on a computer?

Locate the .exe file. Double-click and open it. Follow the instructions, and your software will be installed.


  1. What programs should I install on a new computer?

On a new computer, you need to install an internet browser (Chrome browser), media player (VLC media Player), Anti-Virus (Avast, if your Windows Defender isn’t available), Office Suite (MS Office, Libre Office), Music Streaming App (Spotify), Anydesk.


  1. How to install software on network computers?

Click Start → Control Panel → Programs → Programs and Features, and then click Get Programs. Click the program in the list, and then click Install.


Closing Words

Software installation refers to the large-scale distribution of software and applications at the organizational level. Administrators frequently receive many software installations requests, and must validate each request separately and approve the software installation. Traditionally, the software was placed on a network share, allowing end users to manually install the software. This approach is not readily sustainable because the organization is growing. Software installation tools can help. Our experts are here to help to fix your all computer related issues. Having years of experience in this field we are providing top notch services for our customers. Get a instant quote from our experts here